'Your People Sing Praises' from the Hillsong Worship album 'God Is In The House' released in June 1996.

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Your people sing praises
Let laughter fill the world
Your people sing praises
Let love and faith be heard

The power of death has been shattered
And Jesus ever will reign
C’mon lift up your mighty voice
'Till Jesus comes again

Jesus came to the rescue
And where the reason He came
So come on lift up a mighty voice
Till Jesus come again

We praise the Lord with our voices
We praise the Lord with our hearts
We praise the Lord with all our strength
And everything else that we've got

We praise His with dancing
We praise His with the drums
To come on lift up Jesus' Name
‘Till the day He comes

CCLI #: 1866053
© Hillsong Music 1996
Words & Music by Russell Fragar