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‘Waterfalls’ is the extraordinary new album from Vineyard. It features 12 brand new songs from Vineyard churches all over the UK and sung by worship leaders who lead week in, week out in their local churches.

This is not an album from worship artists, but from people who work as teachers, carpenters and educational therapists in the week, and whose hearts long to worship God. The resulting songs are powerful, immediate, honest and bear the hallmarks of the intimate worship that the Vineyard movement has long been known for.

On the night of recording ‘Waterfalls’ God was at work in the room and through the songs. The heart behind all releases at Vineyard Records is that they are, “From the church and for the church” and the prayer for ‘Waterfalls’ is that it provides the landscape from which people can worship God. From full-on praise anthems to intimate, acoustic songs of devotion there is something in this album for everyone, and each song is stamped with the authentic sound of the local churches from which they’ve emerged.

‘Waterfalls’ releases in January 2015 and we hope will form the soundtrack to many people’s years as they walk each day with God.