'Better Than Life' from the Hillsong Worship album 'Hope' released in July 2003.

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Verse 1:
Better than the
Riches of this world
Better than the
Sounds of my friend's voices
Better than the
Biggest dreams in my heart
That's just the start

Verse 2:
Better than getting
What I say I need
Better than living
The life that I want to
Better than the love
Anyone could give
Your love is

You hold me now in Your arms
And never let me go

Chorus 1:
You oh Lord
Make the sun shine
And the moon light
In the night sky
You give me breath
And all Your love
I give my heart to You because

I can't stop falling in love with You
I'll never stop falling in love with You

CCLI #: 3979862
© Hillsong Music 2003
Words & Music by Marty Sampson