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During my studies in Basel, Switzerland I began to realize that God had a plan for my life. Step by step my focus was directed toward Asia. Once I read an article about the assassination of Ninoy Aquino on Aug. 21, 1983, in Time Magazin I knew that my destiny would have to do with this amazing country.

From that day on I read constantly about the Philippines. In the mid of 1985, I realized it was time for my next step. So I told my friends that I was planning to go to the Philippines in 1986 to further explore and verify my calling. Because I realized how important it would be to be in harmony with my future wife about the direction of our lives, I asked my friends to pray that I would meet my wife before the end of the year. I reckoned that this would allow enough time to marry before my trip to Asia.

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– Divi Digest

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